Welcome to the porn director!

Do you know how to make money with your adult content and more specifically how to make money with telegram?


Let’s review together why CREATING AND MONETIZING YOUR TELEGRAM PORN MEMBERSHIP is a great way to start your business.

You are perhaps a model or a photographer willing to find an easy way to sell your private porn content on telegram, so let me show you how.

The topic of this article is to set up a membership subscription to your private porn telegram channel or group. This is a very powerful trick that you need to know. Believe me, my own channel had over 1900 new members within the last few months.

So how to make money using telegram?

I will teach you steps by steps how to create and set up your PAID TELEGRAM CHANNEL OR GROUP, just like mine. This TELEGRAM app is the greatest tool available for adult content.

In this detailed article where I explain everything you need to know about my specific method, you will learn how to run your business as you want, improve your leads in a significant way and save up a shitload of money.

You will be able to upload all your regular and naughty content, photos, videos, audio files easily using your laptop or your phone. Straight to your clients who gonna have access to your link from all your social medias accounts!

I will also teach you how to go down to 1% fees. Yes, ONE! No reason to pay excessive fees anymore.

You will be able to link your paypal, stripe, skrill or even coinpayments ( cryptocurrencies of your choice ) to get paid directly by your clients !

Besides, earning euros or dollars nowadays is not an edge to inflation, everybody knows that. Using telegram to sell your porn is the easiest way to make money with porn right now!

How to start your own paid telegram channel?

If you value your own work and time, so do I. I know that running an adult content channel is a tough business, so I worte an ebook for you! I only ask for $99. The skills that I’m sharing with you today have been profitable to me, so I’m sure you’ll understand its value.

If you need assistance before or during the setup, I will be there for you. You can drop me a message now on telegram. I will be happy to help you.

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