Manyvids is a great ethical porn platform that allows any adult content creator to monetize their softcore, hardcore or fetish porn. Every amateur porn actress or pornstar have their XXX photosets, porn videos, physical items such lingerie or shoes available for sales on this adult website.

Plus, it integrates a livecam service and few extra options for camgirls and performers.

All kinds of stars are welcome on this major player e-commerce website for adults. All niches and categories are available, and you will be able to upload your amateur or professional content.

We are not going to review but rather explain why we love to work with this platform. Let’s dig in, shall we?

How does manyvids work ?

After opening a free account on their website, you have to complete some tasks in order to set up your payout option.

A complete MV Profile includes:

Easy enough to get started and engage with your audience right away. Link your profile to your other socials, like twitter, instagram or linktree.

Check out my channel and see for yourself how easy and user-friendly it looks :


How to make money on manyvids?

There is a few options in order to sell your content. You can offer various ways to your clientele, which is a great way to diversify and market your products.

  • pay per view : you sell each file individually, either it is your photoset, your video or your used panty. take note that you can allow download or stream only on videos. This is interesting to prevent your content being spread on other platforms without your consent.
  • membership : give access to all your content for a one, three, six or twelve monts membership. be advised that you can control which content and items are available in that aforementioned option.
  • make it rain : some of your fans may be very supportive, they just want to shower you with extra cash. Tell them to make it rain, baby!
  • vip fanclub : it is a subscription-based service for exclusive access to your fan-only content. Very useful and powerful option for creators that want to privilege some of their clients.
  • video chat : offer your fans the privilege to have you on a private webcam session. Also a great way to develop more intimacy with your clients and drain their wallets, right?
  • texting / phone number : Texting and especially sexting is a powerful tool in order to hook them up into your spiderweb. Your clients can get really addicted to you!
  • fund me : special mention to all the money misses and babygirls out there! This option will allow you to collect and raise money for whatever project you have
  • Custom vid : avail this option to raise wealthy and demanding clients. Customs are a great way to provide unique and expensive content that they want to order from you. Filling their fantasies is the best way to turn them into money slaves

Is there more interesting features on manyvids?

In addition to being able to sell your videos, clips and subscription services, manyvids offers a few more interesting features, such as :

  • MV Social : a marketing tool to offer free content, as if you were on a pornstagram. A brilliant way to engage with new audience and curious future customers.
  • MV Crush : a subscription service to offer your clients a membership access for regular and exclusive content. This is also a powerful way to engage with fans.
  • MV Fetish : A new category for fetishists of all kinds. This section attracts tons of traffic, since stars are providing a very niche kind of products. Coupled with custom services, you will be able to buy your parents a house in no-time. Kinky fuckery afoot.

What is the manyvids payout?

Manyvids has one of the best payment system and commission rates of the adult platforms industry. They offer a 60% to 80% payout, depending on which type of content or service you are selling.

Also, you are in charge of your prices. This platform allows you to set them up as you want.

Regular models that are producing high-quality content can earn a lot of money. Their income can vary in between five thousands to ten thousands. If you are a hard worker, you can make it big!


Manyvids is a leading platform for content creators in the adult entertainment industry. Here are some reasons why it is the best platform for creators:

  • Earnings: Manyvids offers a higher percentage of earnings to creators compared to other platforms, allowing them to maximize their profits.
  • Variety of content: Manyvids allows creators to upload a wide range of content, including videos, photos, custom content requests, and even live shows.
  • Easy to use: The platform is user-friendly and easy to navigate, making it simple for creators to upload and manage their content.
  • Supportive community: Manyvids has a supportive community of creators and fans, who are actively engaged and involved in the platform.
  • Advanced features: Manyvids offers advanced features such as the MV Crush Club, which allows creators to create a subscription-based fan club, and MV Live, which allows creators to host live shows and interact with their fans in real-time.
  • Safe and secure: Manyvids prioritizes the safety and security of its creators and has robust measures in place to prevent scams and protect their personal information.

Overall, Manyvids is a top-notch platform that provides creators with the tools and support they need to succeed in the adult entertainment industry.

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