We review the most 11 important SEO KPIs in 2022

Digital marketing is a constantly evolving field. Marketers must stay on top of the latest trends and changes in the industry. In this blog post, we’ll outline the eleven most important SEO KPI you should be monitoring in 2022 to help you track your progress as an online marketer.

1. Organic Traffic

Organic traffic to your website is just one of the best ways to measure the progress of your digital marketing campaign. This most basic KPI can be achieved in multiple ways. If you rely on Google Analytics, it’s a great idea to test different types of keywords and their corresponding rankings under various organic rankings.

2. Keyword Rankings

Keyword rankings are among the most important SEO KPI items, especially when it comes to your website traffic. If you’re tracking keywords and their rankings in Google Analytics, that’s okay. However, if you want to gain a deeper understanding of your content’s performance in search engines, you should also measure your keyword ranking. As a marketer, you should research and know about the keywords performing well in the engines.

3. Organic Impressions (Organic Visibility)

Organic visibility is a fairly new online marketing KPI that isn’t as widely used as other KPIs but will likely become more important over time. Once you start tracking organic visibility or SEO metrics, you’ll see how your content performs on the first page for a specific keyword or random keywords.

4. ROI from Your SEO Efforts

If you’re still new to the world of SEO, tracking the financial impact of your efforts can be a crucial way to ensure you’re investing your time and effort in a productive and potentially profitable way. Fortunately for marketers, trackable data is also central to search engines’ own core functioning.

These SEO platforms measure your traffic, impressions, clicks, and referral sources as a search visibility score. This helps them decide who they should pay attention to and whom they should rank highly on their search results page.

Like any other business venture, you have to track when search traffic increases or decreases and how much impact these changes have on your ROI (return on investment). It’s important not only because it helps measure the impact of your SEO efforts but also because it helps identify areas where more investment might be warranted (if ranking higher).

5. Conversions

A quality metric that business owners can track is the conversion rate of the ads. The kind of conversion rates that you’re able to track and optimize are key relationship indicators that demand significant attention. If an advertising channel generates more click-throughs than sales plus more sign-ups than customers who make purchases, it’s outperforming its results so far but has room to grow in future revenue streams. They can maximize the returns by using these conversions, including affiliate links, newsletter sign-ups, submission of contact forms, and online sales.

6. Page Load Time

An essential part of being ranked on a search engine is being found when someone searches for your company’s name. If someone has to wait several minutes for a website to load, it’s unlikely that it will be found on the first page of the results. When it comes to search performance, coming up faster means you can ensure that you’re going to be found and get the highest rankings possible (and stay there). That’s why search engines penalize slow-loading sites by demoting them in their search results. With better pagespeed and reliability, your business could potentially appear higher in the rankings than other businesses.

7. Bounce Rate

The bounce rate is a very important stat. The number of complete page views didn’t result in a conversion. If your bounce rate is too high, you can think about everything from your navigation to the content on your site, which could be causing people to bounce immediately after clicking on your website link. A lower bounce rate can significantly improve your rankings and increase sales, so do everything you can to prevent people from leaving before they get what they came for.

8. The Amount of Content Newly Created

Search Engines don’t care about how unique or original your content is; they only care about how well it performs at getting people what they want from your business or brand. If you’re constantly slow in posting new content or otherwise not distributing content regularly to subscribers, search engines are unlikely to find solid reasons to rank you highly – which will only result in lower traffic and fewer ranking opportunities.

9. Quality Backlinks

Quality links are not the easiest SEO tactics to incorporate into your website. Hundreds of sites have links already, and it’s very easy for those sites to get those links by submitting their pages to search engines.

Therefore, the best backlinks you have, the better your chance at climbing the ranks on search engines. Quality over quantity prevails.

They are a great way to help maintain your current ranking over time. The same goes for other optimization strategies, such as using ads; they can all help improve your traffic and rankings simultaneously.

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10. Average Session Duration

A session is roughly how long the user sticks around on your website. A shorter session can result in lower rankings, which means less traffic and less money earned. Clicking on your ads won’t improve your rankings, but taking an additional 30 minutes to read some content will increase them, especially if the content is worth it. They will stay longer at just two clicks to earn you money over time.

11. Conversion Rates from Organic Optimization

Your website’s optimization is a large part of getting visitors to take the next step and convert into leads, paying customers, or other sales opportunities. The important role that search engines play in this process is not lost on marketing professionals. Many marketers know that search engines are often the gateway for visitors to find their website. Expanding your marketing efforts beyond organic channels can also account for conversion rates when tracking your ROI.


The digital world is getting more and more competitive every day. To stay afloat, you must keep an eye on changes in the digital space. SEO is a field that’s constantly evolving, and there are many factors at play when determining your success. Learning these KPIs is crucial in 2022.

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