In order to grow your twitter audience and engagement, you have to follow some basic principles. This Twitter growth hacking guide is designed to have you starting with your audience building. You will be prepared to face this challenge on the long run.

The question you have to ask yourself is what does my audience want? Obviously, quality content that they can relate to or that can help them, and they want that kind of content often. Needy bastards!

If you really intend to leave a print on your followers, you will need patience, consistency and dedication. Only time and a persuasive mind will bring you to the top.

Getting traction on twitter is about bringing your best content and focus on how to actually make a difference. Forget about the vanity metrics! Do engage with your audience, do not snob them.

Now, to become a content creator that people want to follow, you have to catch up with a few principles. Ok, let’s get to it!


Customize your profile and make a real difference first off. To have an impact on your audience, you have to improve your branding and your biography with a very few little hacks.

Branding is literally a must-do when it comes to build your profile. Both profile and cover picture are very important to be recognizable. While standing out of the crowd, you will also be easily remembered.

Your biography have to offer a comprehensive understanding of why they should follow you on the spot. Make it clear, so they know right away what they can expect of your content. Be specific and use keywords to describe yourself.

Do not forget to use the location field to make a statement and lead your audience to your website link. It is really to offer various services using linktree for example.

Last but not least, use the pinned tweet as social proof. Your pinned tweet can either be an extension of your biography, describing all your services as a sex worker, or a link to your content plateform.


Providing value as sexual content creator is a piracy task. Being able to tease your audience while being relevant and triggering their need to watch your private paid content is rather difficult.

First of all, make it simple. Use sexy words, naughty audios, teasing videos and pictures for your tweets. Depending on your niche, you have to adjust your parameters on where to draw the line. Erotic or hardcore porn, up to you. As long as you make posts yourself. Include your links eventually.

But do not rely on automated content from your paid platforms to do the job. The links are usually ugly and irrelevant content-wise, your audience will keep scrolling. They don’t care about your last update on onlyfans, swame or whatever. They want quality content to trigger a response that eventually leads to purchase it.

Only MANYVIDS managed to find the right and effective way to post automated engaging content. In your MV profile, connect your twitter account and their bot will do the job. Their posts triggers real audience engagement.

We wrote an article about why MANYVIDS is the best adult content platform currently. Read it here

Questions are a good way to get engagement, but you may not get answers at the beginning of your journey.
Lists and threads are still the best ways to attract followers but given the work and time needed to make a quality thread, I recommend waiting until you have a small audience (around 100-200 followers) before using this lever.

To get noticed, you have to post often. Be consistent. The more you post, the more likely you are to be seen.
3-4x a day seems like a reasonable number. It’s hard to have ideas all the time at first. Consume as much content as possible in your niche to get ideas.

Retweet your content every 6 hours, and recycle it every other day. Delete your unnoticed tweets, and do it all over again. Look at the tweets that your audience liked and reproduce them in a different form.

In order to increase your following fanbase exponentially, you could use an automation service such as Tweethunter.

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Change your settings so that only the most recent tweets appear on your Timeline. By interacting first under the posts, you gain an advantage. Your comment is just below the initial tweet and has more chance to be seen, liked and/or Retweeted.

Use the audience of the “big accounts”. Be active under the posts of accounts above 1K followers but only if you can bring expertise, value. You need to show that you know your stuff.

Most people just confirm what the post says. That’s the last thing you want to do.
You need to stand out by writing a comment so good that it could be a tweet.

Whenever a comment is appreciated, keep it in your notes and use it to produce new similar content.

Create lists of accounts under 1K that produce relevant content in your niche. Don’t hesitate to like and retweet their content that speaks to you the most. Focus on the ones that make you feel good and follow them.

Never hesitate to send a private message, whether it’s to thank someone who likes often, to network with a similar sized account or to ask a larger account for advice.


It’s a group that meets to artificially increase the engagement of a post. The goal is to “trick” the algorithm and thus increase the reach of a given post. The more engagement a post has, the more likely it is to receive engagement which will increase its reach.

But it’s not a magic formula. Bad content will always be bad even with additional reach.
But if your content is good, it will allow a new audience to discover you and be interested in what you do.
I wouldn’t say it’s essential but it’s highly recommended.

Simply by asking around. That’s also what the connections you make on Twitter are for. Once you have established a good relationship with someone, simply ask them if they are familiar with engagement groups and if so, if they can join you. Easy.

If you can’t find any fitting group, the answer is simply to start your own group, again by asking people you have already talked to and connected with, and choosing people you trust and who are also active.
The engagement group is a collaboration above all.

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